How to Stop Sabotaging your Health

Is your negativity making you unhealthy? Or are the choices you are making in your life making you unhealthy? Or both?

In essence, it is both.

In fact one leads to the other; furthermore if both go unchecked it often leads to disharmony in life and dis-ease in the body. But, it is only when we are at our lowest point, when the pain is the biggest, or our life is threatened that we then decide to change. The challenge is that at this point, our energy is at its lowest, and often weakest, which means you will have to work twice as hard, to create wellness and harmony in your life again.

So if negativity can result in harmful outcomes, why am I about to ask you to fully immerse yourself in it and to stop ignoring it as so many of us do. The reason for this is that negativity is a symptom and pathway to optimum health that is often ignored.

Whilst negativity is never a pleasant experience, it is there to serve you and keep you safe. It is a natural and normal signal from your body that something is not quite right, or how it should be. it is a message from your body that you are out of balance and out of flow. Unfortunately many people choose to ignore these messages, which are repetitive, and get louder and louder, until they can no longer be ignored.
The negativity we experience today is an evolution of our innate ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response, but the challenges and ‘speed’ in which we live in the modern world has put our ‘fight, flight and freeze’ responses into overdrive causing increased stress levels and reactive ‘hurry up’ personalities that have a significant impact on our health. Negativity and the stress that comes with it in these circumstances raises cortisol levels, reducing our immune systems capability to heal and regenerate increasing the chances of illness.
So how do you stop sabotaging your health?

Negativity is a message from the self. Spiritually, negativity is not negative; it is energy that can be changed, released or transformed into something that will serve you or continue to incapacitate you. When you are moving at 100 miles an hour, living unconsciously and not thinking about what you are doing, you are wasting and haemorrhaging your energy. This is why we often feel exhausted or lethargic and become inactive which only precipitates the problem. This is energy that you can use in other ways, like being the fuel for positive change in your life for the things that matter.

All too often, we dismiss negativity as simply ‘bad’, stopping us from paying proper attention and using the potential negativity has. The first step toward using negativity is to change the meaning you give it. Giving negativity a different meaning allows you to understand it as natural, normal and there to learn from which helps to take control of it instead of allowing it to control you.

If you see negativity as fundamentally bad, you’re likely to repeat the same patterns of negative thought and behaviour. If you focus on the causes of your negativity rather than just protecting yourself from the basic emotional and physical effects, it will motivate you to make change in your life by bringing home to you the importance of that area of your life.

It can be uncomfortable or difficult initially to get involved wholeheartedly in the areas of our life where we’re least confident, which cause us most negativity. Putting off changing the areas of your life which need changing just makes it harder to do so, and allows our negative, self-defeating attitudes to grow stronger. It’s a bit like standing on the edge of a swimming pool in autumn; you know it’s going to be cold, but after diving in it feels warner, that initial feeling of intimidation is gone and the more you engage and see evidence of your ability to manage and control your life and deal confidently with areas which used to be difficult for you.

The first step toward making any change is to notice you and pay attention to your negativity. There is a pattern to it and it is happening for a reason. Search your own thinking to become aware of your thoughts and self-talk. Notice the feelings and behaviours that stop you, seek to understand the motivation behind your negativity, get honest with yourself about what is going on and why you really want it. Then give yourself permission to receive it.

Remember, there is feedback everywhere in your life, for you to notice. Depending on the meaning you give it, it will serve your or hinder you? Do you want to live through negativity and fear, or joy and happiness? The choice is yours…!

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