-The Ego’s Code Meditation-

Master Meditation on the Move

“I found The Ego’s Code meditation to be a very powerful guided process that enabled me to achieve amazing clarity in a way I never thought possible” – Cassie Footman, UK.

“What a Masterpiece you have created Clayton. This meditation will help so many people elevating the world because more people will connect to their heart and soul” – Anja Thybo, Denmark.

The Ego’s Code Meditation, an invigorating new 45-minute meditation now available to download, enabling you to master meditation anytime, anywhere!

Designed to compliment the book The Ego’s Code, this 45-minute meditation session provides listeners with simple yet effective exercises to help relieve negativity from their lives, and improve self-worth so they can live with more joy and happiness.

The Ego’s Code Meditation compliments Clayton’s thoughts and experiences that are highlighted throughout his book and provides the listener with easy, actionable steps to help relieve the negativity from their lives. By completing this meditation session, they will experience reduced negativity, relief from life’s challenges, and increased self-awareness.

A message from Clayton: Our Ego acts like a beacon, sending out signals through negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours, actions etc. attracting us to situations, people and circumstances to learn from. I created The Ego’s Code meditation as a powerful healing journey, which is designed to free listeners of the negativity and pain that holds them back and causes them to sabotage the things that are most important to their lives, so that they can live everyday with more joy and happiness

The Ego’s Code meditation is available to download from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, iTunes, Google Play and from CD Baby.  Prices range from £7.99 to £12.00 depending on the online retailer.

The Ego’s Code Mediation is broken down into four sections:

  • Section 1:  Mother Earth / Father Sky.  The purpose of this section is to ground the listener into Mother Earth so they can fully participate in the meditation.
  • Section 2:  The World Tree.  In Shamanism, The World Tree represents the divine Consciousness and gives the listener access to three worlds Lower World (Shadow Ego-Self), Middle World (Here and Now), Upper World (The Divine).  Listeners will visit their World Tree, work with their Ego and receive part of their Ego’s Code.
  • Section 3:  The Release. Here the listener will use the learning from their Ego Self to release the negativity that has that has been holding them back.
  • Section 4:  The Soul-Retrieval.  Once the listener has released the negativity, they will experience and receive a soul-retrieval, which will integrate fully during the meditation.

Each section is accompanied by newly composed music by Grammy Award Winning Musician Barry Goldstein.