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Speaker Bio:

‘A meeting with Clayton is like finding the right key to your inner self ‘ – Clayton has been described in a similar way many times over the years.

Clayton John Ainger is a spiritual teacher, internationally known psychic medium, shamanic healer and author of the multi-awarding winning and number one best selling book – The Ego’s Code.

Clayton is a passionate individual. He is passionate about loving life and enjoying every aspect of it. He loves to be different, challenge the status quo and inspire the people and companies he works with to explore new ways of thinking, attitudes and behaviours, transforming lives and results for the long-term.

Clayton’s ethos in life is about ‘making every person matter, every time,’ which is why he spends on average 1200 hours each year front of room speaking, training and facilitating helping individuals from all ‘walks of life’ to release themselves of the emotional burden of negativity so they can enjoy more balance, fun, play, happiness and fulfilment in their lives.

Clayton specialises in understanding the spiritual reasons behind negativity and why it causes people to sabotage success, relationships, health, wellbeing and finances, ultimately preventing them from fully experiencing their life and living their dreams.

During a meditation at Stonehenge, Clayton received clear and detailed guidance about why we experience negativity and how to be free of it. He offers new insights and understanding that will change old beliefs about the Ego and perceptions about negativity.

In his work, he helps individuals overcome the negativity that stifles their progress in life and causes self-sabotage by explaining with solutions the effects on the physical body, the mind and how it interacts with spirit and impacts on our daily lives.

You are invited to undertake simple and yet powerful exercises to release your negativity, to change your reality, so that you can live your dream life.

A member of an audience recently said the following about her experience of Clayton – ‘I heard Clayton speak publicly for the first time this summer and was inspired by what I heard. He’s one of those people who just lights up a room and you know that he is a genuine, humble and gracious spirit.’

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Clayton’s Style and Experience

Clayton is happy to get involved with all types of speaking engagements including Workshops, Conferences, Training, Keynote Speaking, Speeches, After Dinner speaker and so on.

Speaker Engagements

Clayton has experience speaking at conferences and events nationally and internationally including – UK, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Iceland, Monaco, Germany and USA.

Clayton has an engaging, down-to-earth and playful style that enables him to build rapport quickly with audiences.

His strength lies in an ability to embrace, simplify and bring order to complexity – transforming the complex into easy manageable steps to ensure you always achieve your desired results.

Clayton offers a series of events that show you how to make the step change necessary to achieve unimaginable results in your life!

Clayton always customises his speaker events to meet the specific needs of his audience. All his events can be delivered as 1hr or 2hr keynotes, breakout sessions, half-¬day and full‐day workshops.

Examples of speaker topics include (but are not limited to)

1. Be Positive about Negativity – How your negativity is shaping your life!
2. Resistance and Negativity – The seed of destruction or the route to greatness?
3. The Journey to your Truth – How to live an Ego free life!
4. The Ego’s Code – How to stop sabotaging your success!
5. Stop it. Remove it. Create it – How to get out of your own way!
6. Why Don’t I Do Better When I Know Better?
7. Living your Truth – 8 steps to creating the Real You!
8. Change Your Story! Change your life! The 8 stories that block your path and how to change them!

Private Signature Events

Each year, Clayton runs a number of private signature events including:

• 48 Hr Ego & Negativity Detox (Based on his award winning book – The Ego’s Code)
• 48 Hr Becoming Your Truth
• 72 Hr The Magic Shop of Creation

Fee information

Clayton’s fees range from £2,500 to £5,000

To book Clayton to speak at your event, please contact his press team on 01603 743 363
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