– Readings –

The information Clayton shared was so profound & resonated so deeply…. that I am still lost for words in relation to all that I received…. my mind was absolutely blown!
– Gem Gorham, Australia

Clayton is an International Psychic Medium who reads for people from all walks of life, all over the world from New York to Sydney, and most cities in between.

His readings have helped people get answers and gain clarity in some of the most private and sensitive areas of their lives.

Clayton’s readings have been described as deeply insightful, empowering and spot on.

“The insights I was given have had a profound impact on my life and the only word I am left with is “wow”!
Jessica Ortner, New York
Producer of Try It On Everything and Hay House Author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

Clayton offers three types of reading.

  1.  A 45 minute ‘Absent’ Reading.  Absent means that you will not be on a call with Clayton.  He will channel through your reading and send you a recording for you to download within 48 hours.  The cost of an Absent Reading is £250.
  2.  A 60 minute ‘Private’ Reading.  In this reading Clayton will connect with your Guides and channel through detailed insights and actions to help you in your life for the next 3 months.  This reading will take place over Zoom.   Your reading will be recorded and emailed as a link for you to download.  The cost of a ‘Private Reading’ with Clayton is £375.
  3.  A 90 minute ‘Deeper Insight’ Reading.  To connect even deeper with the Divine and have a detailed Q&A session with your Guides, please choose a ‘Deeper Insight’ reading. This reading will take place over Zoom.  Again, your reading will be recorded and emailed as a link for you to download.  The cost of a ‘Deeper Insight’ reading with Clayton is £500.

If you have any questions about the readings please contact Allison Kaye at Allison@claytonjohnainger.com.

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I would really love to read for you as I have done for so many people around the world. Here is what a few more clients have said recently…

“My recent life challenges directed me to Clayton and I had already two fantastic reading sessions within a span of six months. Clayton explained to me circumstances behind what was happening, why I had so many challenges. I received answers to all my questions, I have been given tools to work with and guidance on how to transform my life challenges in the long term. I can highly recommend working with Clayton. His unique talent and skills helped me enormously.”
– Radek Roszak, Poland, now UK

Just had the most amazing reading with this gentleman, Clayton Ainger! I’ve been having readings from Clayton for the past 7 years now, and I have always experienced, clear, accurate and insightful information from him, never more so than NOW, as Clayton has developed into one of the mostly highly attuned channels.
– Julie Kay, UK

I have so much reverence for our mysterious and intelligent existence. I had a fascinating reading done by Clayton Ainger who masterfully straddled multiple realms and lifetimes to provide a more illuminated understanding of the ‘now’. His gifted ability to connect with my non-physical council and allow me to interact with this support was deeply insightful and transformational. I truly recommend Clayton if you desire to awaken more of your unconsciousness to step closer to a state of inner freedom.
– Tanis Fishman, USA

I experienced a reading with Clayton that was like no other experience before. To label it with words, limits it, but I really want to share the extraordinary gift Clayton IS in the world.

I live in California and he in England so he provided the reading over Skype. Location doesn’t matter. He started by sharing some information from my guides. Then he introduced me to my guides one by one.

Then he introduced the runes and WOW! The information he shared throughout the call resonated and landed as truth in my body. It felt like a direct call from the divine coming through an angel named Clayton. I trusted I would hear what I needed and listened and received with curiosity, wonder and an open heart.

For six weeks, I have walked with this information, noticing the inspiration arising from the experience in so may ways. Before writing this recommendation I listened to the recorded call for the first time and it blows my mind how much has come to pass. There were specific instructions and I’ve been following them without any need to listen to the recording. AND also inspired to continue with even greater, focused energy.
-Diane Hunter, California, USA